Crystal Music Ratings evaluates albums for content so you don't have to! Our rating system is made up of five categories. The categories are Childhood Audience, Parental Guidance, Parental Guidance 13+, Parental Guidance 15+, and Adult.

Each category corresponds to a different level of content maturity. Childhood Audience is the category with the least sensitive material, while Adult is the category with the most sensitive material.

Items labeled Childhood Audience, abbreviated C, contain no content considered unsuitable for children. Many, but not all, of these albums are produced with an audience of children in mind.

Items labeled Parental Guidance, abbreviated PG, contain some material that may be considered unsuitable for children. These albums may contain mild language (uses of "hell" or "damn"), mild sexual innuendos, or brief alcohol references. Parents will want to take some caution before allowing children under 10 years old to listen.

Items labeled Parental Guidance 13+, abbreviated 13, contain a moderate amount of material unsuitable for children. These albums may contain moderate use of adult language ("s--t", "b--ch", and up to a few uses of "f--k"), suggestive sexual references, or drug references. Parents should take extra caution in allowing their children to listen to these albums, as they are not recommended for people under 13 years old.

Items labeled Parental Guidance 15+, abbreviated 15, contain even stronger material. These albums may contain frequent use of adult language (near unlimited uses of "f--k"), strong suggestive sexual references, or drug references deemed likely to influence young people. Parents should take much caution and review the album before allowing children under the age of 15 to listen.

Items labeled Adult, abbreviated AD, are not suitable for children. They may contain strong language, often including offensive ethnic, racial, or homophobic slurs, extensive sexuality, and/or extensive, often glorified, drug references.

All ratings can be found on our Music Ratings page. You may use the search box provided, use the rating filter buttons, or use the artist dropdown filter by selecting a specific artist from our catalog.

Crystal Music Ratings understands in every regard that children mature at different ages. Crystal Music Ratings, and any related sites or platforms, should be used as a tool for advisory, rather than a sole restriction. As Crystal Music Ratings is not a federal organization, it does not govern the purchase of music by minors neither digitally nor in stores.


You can request an album to be rated by using our Request Rating page. Before submitting, you will need to verify that you are at least thirteen years old, or otherwise have permission from a parent or guardian, and that you will not enter fake/spam information. Within five minutes, you will receive an email confirmation confirming that we have received your request.

Happy Decision-Making!

-Crystal Music Ratings