Bastille's fourth album GIVE ME THE FUTURE is one that masks its emotional meaning behind electronic beats and insanely catchy choruses. As far as the group's music goes, the album is an essential. But is it appropriate for kids or teens? GIVE ME THE FUTURE is relatively clean: only four of the album's thirteen tracks are marked as explicit on music streaming services. Themes are relatively mild, though cursing is definitely present:.

A few uses of "f--k" (in a nonsexual context) on "No Bad Days" and "Plug In...", one use on "Promises" (which also contains a reference to "ovaries and gonads"), and one use of "s--t" on "Future Holds".

GIVE ME THE FUTURE is a thematic album experience best left to teens and adults. Children who listened to Bastille's previous three albums (all of which contained no swearing) may be interested: make the choice based on their maturity level, or limit them to the album's clean edit.

Crystal Music Ratings has assigned the 13 rating to GIVE ME THE FUTURE. for more information including album specifics, please visit our music ratings page.