AJR Promotes New Album with Free-of-Charge "Acoustic Livestream"

American indie-pop band AJR has a brand new album. In celebration, the group took to social media for a free livestream concert.

AJR's "acoustic livestream" took place yesterday at 6:00. The band, which consists of three brothers; Jack Met, Ryan Met, and Adam Met, performed their favorites from the new release OK ORCHESTRA, pausing in between songs to answer questions from fans. New York's Chelsea Symphony was also present for the show and, while socially distanced, played an instrumental version of the album's introductory track "OK Overture".

The show also featured the talents of drummer Chris Berry and trumpeteer Arnetta Johnson. With Ryan on piano and Jack on guitar, this was more full-on concert than acoustic livestream.

You can stream the OK ORCHESTRA ACOUSTIC LIVESTREAM on YouTube with DVR. OK ORCHESTRA is rated 15 by Crystal Music Ratings. Thank you for reading.