Review: Alan Walker Returns with WORLD OF WALKER: Can Kids Listen?

If you haven't heard of Alan Walker, your teenager most likely has. The British-Norwegian record producer and songwriter is only topped in popularity by - perhaps, Marshmello. All (other) questions aside, Walker's sophomore album WORLD OF WALKER is here. It's time to ask the question of whether it's appropriate for kids.

WORLD OF WALKER is a relatively clean album. In terms of language, "hell" is used multiple times on "Fake a Smile" and "b--ch" is used once on "On My Way".

A mild reference to alcohol is present on "Heading Home": "I was drunk / Drunk on the pain".

This concludes all of the adult content you will find on the album's fifteen tracks, four of them being completely instrumental. Long story short, yes, WORLD OF WALKER is okay for older children, though parents may be cautious of some mild adult material when it comes to the youngest ones.