Billie Eilish Performs Live in Virtual Concert

On Saturday, October 24th, singer-songwriter Billie Eilish returned to the stage to perform live for fans, who would be watching from their home devices. This immersive digital concert was awarded much praise, with critics dubbing it the rare virtual stream done right.

For 18-year-old Eilish, interacting with fans has always been fame’s ultimate reward; in quarantine, she clings to this opinion more than ever. Due to the escalating coronavirus situation, only three musicians, including Eilish herself, performed on-stage. The other performers were Eilish’s brother and friend Finneas, and her acclaimed drummer Andrew Marshall. The event was described as visually pleasing by the entertainment industry; it contained its share of stunning special effects intended to mesmerize and create an amazing memory for fans.

All while enjoying Eilish on stage, every virtual attendee had access to a live chat where viewers could share their thoughts about Eilish’s dazzling performances of her greatest hits including “When the Party’s Over”, and her 2016 debut “Ocean Eyes”.

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