Review: Billie Eilish's Film Soundtrack is Fine for Teens - Excluding One Track

Billie Eilish's brand new documentary for Apple TV+ is out; you know what that means: a REVIEW of the soundtrack!

While the majority of the album's forty-song track list consists of Eilish's own hits, it also contains favorites from other artists. Eilish's music stays in the 13 range (the occasional "b--ch" or "s--t"). As parents can assume from its adult title, "b--ches broken hearts" is the most mature of her own tracks. It contains know drug or sexual references, but does contain multiple uses of profanity. "xanny" contains non glorified drug reference (I'm in their secondhand smoke / Still just drinking canned Coke / I don't need a Xanny to feel better). As Eilish struggles with depression, self-harm references are infrequent but present on her tracks.

The single track parents of teens will likely want to skip is not by Eilish, but by American rapper 2Pac. "Hit 'Em Up" is a raw, explicit rap song featuring many uses of "f--k", "motherf--k", "b--ch", and even the racial slur "n---a". Gun violence and sex are major themes on the track. It is due to this one song that the album received such a high rating.

BILLIE EILISH: THE WORLD'S A LITTLE BLURRY (SOUNDTRACK) has been assigned the AD rating by Crystal Music Ratings. For more information including album specifics, please visit our music ratings page.