Review: Can Young Teens Listen to Justin Bieber's JUSTICE?

Hardly over a year after CHANGES, the Justin Bieber album about growing up, comes JUSTICE, about finding happiness. Is this one safe for kids or young teens?

The short answer: it depends. While JUSTICE isn't near the dirtiest thing you'll find on the market, it does contain adult language "Sh-t", "b--ch", and "ass" are common on "Peaches". "F--k" is used sparingly on "Lonely" ("'Cause I've had everything / But no one's listening / And that's just f--king lonely").

JUSTICE starts off squeaky clean with "2 Much", a song about Justin's insecurities. It even samples Martin Luther King, Jr.'s quote "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere". The album progresses to talk about his relationship with his wife, Hailey (Baldwin) Bieber.

Sexuality isn't a huge concern for families with older children. References remain mild with the exception of "Peaches", the album's most mature track. ("I got my peaches out in Georgia / Oh yeah, s--t"). A vulgar slang, "peaches" refer to a women's buttocks. Alcohol reference is infrequent, but cannabis reference is also present on "Peaches" (I get my weed from California / That's that s--t").

Parents should note that, without "Peaches", the album would likely have received a lower 13 rating.

JUSTICE has been assigned the 15 rating by Crystal Music Ratings. For more information including album specifics, please visit our music ratings page.