Review: How Young is Too Young for Hamilton's Popular Soundtrack?

What would hip-hop sound like crossed with the familiarity of U.S. history? Lin-Manuel Miranda's HAMILTON is one of the most acclaimed Broadway musicals of the decade, it's lengthy forty-six song cast recording being called a masterpiece. But just how much adult content does it contain?

Language is most likely parents' number-one concern with allowing their children and young teens a listen. These rap battles between historical figures can get rather intense, with swearing including "hell", "damn", "s--t", the terms "bastard" and "whore" used in their literal context on "Alexander Hamilton", and three instances of "f--k" total. Children need to realize this isn't language they should repeat, but while the swears are plentiful, each song isn't riddled with them; many are without the terms completely.

Brief references to sexual intercourse are common, as well as "deflowering" women and keeping her "bed warm" while her husband isn't present. Hamilton himself continues in an affair with his sister-in-law after being married. This occurrences can be crude, but they seem to pass quickly; the show then moves on to new subject matter.

The show is undoubtedly violent for a live performance, with gun violence including major characters shot to death. These events are, of course, referred to in the audio soundtrack, though it does not go into extreme detail.

Crystal Music Ratings assigns a lower level 15 to HAMILTON: AN AMERICAN MUSICAL. For more information including album specifics, please visit our music ratings page. Thank you for reading.