Review: Is Ariana Grande's New Album Okay for Teens?

Ariana Grande may have won over fans with her good looks and feminist messages, but is her latest album really appropriate for children and teens? Guardians have the right to be concerned; Grande's music has never been the most family-friendly. Just how mature is her latest album, POSITIONS?

After rising to fame on the Disney Channel, Grande has become an accomplished name in the music industry. The focus of her music, however, has changed quite drastically, leaving her family audience in the dust. It's no surprise POSITIONS is quite controversial, diving into the deeper, darker parts of a relationship.

The album starts off on a lighter note with "shut up", but soon gets overwhelmingly sexual in "34+35", with Grande boasting about a high sex drive and having intercourse with a partner. These themes are reoccurring throughout the remainder of the album.

Grande's latest album is also her most verbally explicit, with multiples instance of "f--k" and "s--t" in each song. As well as potentially offensive language and sexual content, POSITIONS features reference to drug use such as dopamine.

Crystal Music Ratings rates POSITIONS a heavy 15. For album specifics, please visit our music ratings page. For more family friendly picks, parents and kids can search our catalog of music ratings. Thank you for supporting our site.