Review: Is Halsey's Brand New Album IF I CAN'T HAVE LOVE Teen-Friendly?

Less than two years after her smash-hit album MANIC, Halsey is back with IF I CAN'T HAVE LOVE, I WANT POWER, an album that reflects both her musical and spiritual growth. But is it appropriate for kids or teens?

Let's just say IF I CAN'T HAVE LOVE is marked as explicit for a reason. It contains some uses of the word "f--k" (once each on "Bells in Santa Fe", "You Asked for This", "honey", twice sexually on "Whispers" ("This is that space in your bed that says / 'Bet I could f--k him'"), and six times on "Lilith".) In addition, it contains other strong language like "s--t" a few times. The album is not very adult on any grounds other than language.

An analogy to a gun is made on "Girl Is A Gun" ("Let me show you how to touch the trigger"). Nothing on the album promotes gun violence, but this is a reference that parents of young children may find mature.

Crystal Music Ratings has assigned the 13 rating to Halsey's IF I CAN'T HAVE LOVE, I WANT POWER. For more information including album specifics, please visit our music ratings page.