Review: Mariah Carey's Christmas Special is an Album Aside From a Special

The film MARIAH CAREY'S MAGICAL CHRISTMAS SPECIAL has finally arrived, streaming exclusively on Apple TV+, and it's among Carey's biggest projects since her 1994 hit album MERRY CHRISTMAS that nicknamed her the "queen of Christmas". Not only is it a streaming special, but it's an album in itself.

Carey’s music has created controversy before, but this album is a reinforcer of the positive messages children need to keep in mind during the holidays. It includes minimal to no adult content, and, as does her nineties Christmas debut, explores the the theme that, while presents are exciting, family and friends truly make the holiday season all the more special.

Crystal Music Ratings assigns the PG rating to MARIAH CAREY’S MAGICAL CHRISTMAS SPECIAL. For more information including album specifics, please visit our music ratings page. Thank you for your support!