Rappers That Stand Out From the Rest

Can't keep track of your teen's obsession with hip hop music? Here is a list of inspiring rap artists who you should get familiar with.

Golden Landis Von Jones, known onstage as 24kGoldn, is a 20 year-old rising artist famous for the hit songs "Mood" and "City of Angels". He was born in the year 2000 to a Jewish mother and African-American father. 24k's music defines a new subgenre, with hip hop beats crossing electronica. Hints of R&B are present on "Games on Your Phone" and "A Lot to Lose".

In addition to being the face behind his own hits "All Time Low" and "Stupid Deep", singer, rapper, and songwriter Jon Bellion is famous in the industry for writing music and lyrics for other talented artists such as Eminem, Katy Perry, and Justin Bieber. On his latest longplay GLORY SOUND PREP, he explores the struggles that come with being famous.

Third is hybrid country-rap musician Montero Lamar Hill, known as Lil Nas X. Even if you don't recognize that name, you've for sure heard his 2018 hit single "Old Town Road". Nas X prefers to keep his songs short and sweet, with familiar melodies and an interestingly distinctive sound. In addition, he's the voice behind "Rodeo", "Panini", and, most recently, "Holiday".

24kGoldn's DROPPED OUTTA COLLEGE, Lil Nas X's 7 EP, and Jon Bellion's GLORY SOUND PREP have been assigned the 15 classification. For more information including rating specifics, please visit our music ratings page. Thank you for reading!