Review: Suicide Squad Album is More Adult Than the Movie

David Ayer's 2016 film SUICIDE SQUAD was rated PG-13 in theaters, for "sequences of violence and action throughout, disturbing behavior, suggestive content and language." But this wasn't your ordinary comic book flick.

It utilized the violent nature of the characters with gun violence and profane language not included in other installments like WONDER WOMAN or MAN OF STEEL.

The album's soundtrack is perhaps a bigger worry. It starts off on a mature note with "Purple Lamborghini", an unhinged rap song featuring multiple uses of top-tier swears and references to drugs such as dopamine.

Explicit sexuality is a concern on Action Bronson's "Standing in the Rain", porn addiction is referenced as a solution to the painfulness of a breakup. Bronson describes an experience of witnessing his girlfriend have sex with another man. ("My heart broke when his c--k was in your throat / But f--k that laid top out on the boat".)

On the flip side, the album features a remake of Lesley Gore's female anthem "You Don't Own Me" by SAYGRACE featuring G-Eazy. While the song does feature a positive theme of being yourself and allowing others to do the same, it also contains cannabis reference ("smoke with her till the weed is gone / Stayin' up until we see the Sun"), and the words "b--ch", and "g--damn".

While Suicide Squad is tied to a killer soundtrack, it's certainly not for young kids. Crystal Music Ratings assigns SUICIDE SQUAD: THE ALBUM a hard rating of AD. For more information including album specifics, please visit our music ratings page.