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About the Ratings

Crystal Music Ratings® evaluates albums for content maturity so you don't have to! Founded in 2020, our site boasts a unique content rating system made up of five categories. The categories are Childhood Audience, Parental Guidance, Parental Guidance 13+, Parental Guidance 15+, and Adult. Each category corresponds to a different level of content maturity. Childhood Audience is the category with the least sensitive material, while Adult is the category with the most sensitive material.​ Below is a comprehensive guide to our ratings, listing all potentially inappropriate material that may be found in an album that has been assigned each Crystal Music Ratings® rating.


Crystal Music Ratings® understands in every regard that children mature at different ages. Crystal Music Ratings®, and any related sites or platforms, should be used as a tool for advisory, rather than a sole restriction (hence our handy rating descriptors, which can be found above the rating on our Ratings page). As Crystal Music Ratings® is not a federal organization, it does not govern the purchase of music by minors neither digitally nor in stores.

View a comprehensive guide to our rating criteria.

All Crystal Music Ratings Rating Icons Childhood Audience C Parental Guidance PG Parental Guidance 13+ 13 Parental Guidance 15+ 15 Adult AD on Light Blue Background
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